Tuesday, September 16, 2014

TFIOS Paper Tulips DIY Tutorial

    Hi! I'm Melissa (Mellie) and I enjoy taking pictures and making crafts! So I made these paper tulips when The Fault In Our Stars movie came out. I loved the book by John Green so much I decided to make these, but I didn't want to decorate an object inspired by the book cover so instead I came up with this... the tulips Augustus gave Hazel which were almost too orange! ;)

Later I was contacted by TFIOS asking if I had a tutorial for the movie, so I decided to do it! This is my first craft tutorial so I'm very sorry if anything wasn't clear.

Before we begin, the books pages are NOT from The Fault In Our Stars! The book was actually already wrecked for an "altered book" assignment for school so I decided not to waste the rest of the book.


This post is now featured in "Global Twitter Viewing Party Planning Tips" gallery on The Fault In Our Stars official Facebook page and website!!!!! *screams* This is the link to the gallery, http://bit.ly/TFIOSpartytips for other amazing party tips!

Paper tulips instructions:

Materials needed: book pages, wire (or bamboo skewers),wire cutters, floral tape, glue gun, scissors, orange watercolour paint (any paint works, and oops I forgot to put it in the picture)

1. Trim wire to desired length

2. Wrap wire with floral tape (if you are using bamboo skewers try wrapping them in green paper or painting)

3. Heat up glue gun (so it'll be hot after you cut out the shapes)

4. Cut circle (around 2.5 - 3cm) and stamen (8cm x 4cm), cut slits for stamen

5. Poke hole through circle with wire, glue around both sides

6. Glue end of stamen and wrap around wire, glue again

7. Cut out six petals (3-4 cm x 5cm don't try to make the petals even, that might look unnatural)

8. Cut 3-4 slits on each petal, slits are highlighted (three slits for 3cm, four slits for 4cm, etc.) 

9. Fold bottom, and glue folded part underneath circle

10. Slightly overlapping the petals

10. Curl outer petals outwards and inner petals inwards with a pen

12. Paint with a light wash of watercolour (or any paint)

13. Add glob of glue to make sure your flower won't fall apart

The jar was tinted with Mod Podge and food colouring. I mixed about 1-2tbs Mod Podge with 1 drop of blue food colouring. I actually guessed about how much Mod Podge to use and that's why my jar isn't completely tinted. The jar will take a couple of days to dry.

I tied the neck of the jar with black and white ribbon and tied a bow. I also attached a yellow tag which you can decorate with your favourite quotes from the book/movie. 

Thanks for reading and I hope this tutorial was helpful! If anything was unclear please comment and I'll try to answer them! :) If anyone decides to make these (I really hope someone will!) hashtag them #TFIOSDIYtulips on Instagram so I can see! :D

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